Vesting Schedule
Wallet Address (SPL)
Foundation (Incentives for product development & integration)
(Strict lock-up, only for strategic initiatives)
Ecosystem Incentives (Incentives for user growth)
(Strict lock-up, only for strategic initiatives)
Team & Contributors
25% - after 2 year cliff
75% - 3 year linear vesting
Fundraise & Liquidity
See Table below
The maximum token supply of $HAWK is capped at 5,000,000,000 tokens.
In particular, it is highlighted that $HAWK: (a) does not have any tangible or physical manifestation, and does not have any intrinsic value (nor does any person make any representation or give any commitment as to its value); (b) is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash (or its equivalent value in any other digital asset) or any payment obligation by the Company, the Distributor or any of their respective affiliates; (c) does not represent or confer on the token holder any right of any form with respect to the Company, the Distributor (or any of their respective affiliates), or its revenues or assets, including without limitation any right to receive future dividends, revenue, shares, ownership right or stake, share or security, any voting, distribution, redemption, liquidation, proprietary (including all forms of intellectual property or license rights), right to receive accounts, financial statements or other financial data, the right to requisition or participate in shareholder meetings, the right to nominate a director, or other financial or legal rights or equivalent rights, or intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to Hawksight, the Company, the Distributor and/or their service providers; (d) is not intended to represent any rights under a contract for differences or under any other contract the purpose or pretended purpose of which is to secure a profit or avoid a loss; (e) is not intended to be a representation of money (including electronic money), security, commodity, bond, debt instrument, unit in a collective investment scheme or any other kind of financial instrument or investment; (f) is not a loan to the Company, the Distributor or any of their respective affiliates, is not intended to represent a debt owed by the Company, the Distributor or any of their respective affiliates, and there is no expectation of profit; and (g) does not provide the token holder with any ownership or other interest in the Company, the Distributor or any of their respective affiliates.
To the extent a secondary market or exchange for trading $HAWK does develop, it would be run and operated wholly independently of the Company, the Distributor, the distribution of $HAWK and Hawksight. Neither the Company nor the Distributor will create such secondary markets nor will either entity act as an exchange for $HAWK.
Fundraise (20%)
Vesting Schedule
Seed Round (with Solana Ventures)
5% unlocked at approx. TGE + 3 days
12-month cliff (locked), followed by 6 month 95% linear vesting
Public sale & Liquidity
CEXes & DEX launch, for maximized trading volume & price action
Reserves for Future Liquidity & Strategic Rounds

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