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Team & Strategic Partners


We are a globally distributed team of 10+ builders across backgrounds in AI, data science, quant finance, software-as-a-service, and Web3 - and are backed by globally recognized partners including:
  • Leading crypto funds: Solana Ventures, NGC Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, One Block Capital, Petrock Capital Skyvision Capital, Everest Ventures Group, Doublepeak, Entrepreneur First, Global Founders Capital, Follow The Seed, and Cherubic
  • CEOs of leading projects: Norbert Bodziony (Synthetify), Ming Wu (Strips Finance)
  • Strategic DApps, Exchanges, and platforms: Bybit (Mirana), Gate Labs, CSP DAO
  • SOL Big Brain — and his recently launched VC fund (Congratulations!): Big Brain Holdings
🐣 Website: https://hawksight.co/
🦅 Debonair Degen Hawks NFT: https://www.tensor.trade/trade/debonair_degen_hawks
📲 Telegram: https://t.me/hawksight
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