🐣What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is a concentrated liquidity yield optimizer for active liquidity providers (LPs) on Solana, with self-custodial & automated market making strategies.

Earn yield from 250+ automated LP strategies that autocompound, autorebalance, and are transparently simulated by HawkAI (http://hawkai.xyz/)

Our DeFi app integrates & automates yield-generating DeFi protocols including but not limited to: token lending, NFT lending, AMM liquidity providing, and most notably, Concentrated Liquidity Marketing Making (CLMM).

Hawksight takes a data-driven approach in empowering DeFi users to optimize CLMM yield.

Hawksight users get optimized and risk-adjusted yield through:

  1. HawkAuto Boost

    1. Auto-compounded yield

    2. Auto-rebalanced CLMM price range

  2. Boosted APY

    1. Exclusive token incentives from protocol partnerships

  3. Easily personalizing risk-adjusted yield. For example:

    1. Enhancing risk-adjusted APYs by concentrating LP positions in wide or narrow price ranges

    2. Making delta-neutral, bullish, or bearish positions on tokens by adjusting LP positions to be symmetric or asymmetric (skewed towards higher or lower prices.)

Hawksight's ecosystem has two key products:

  1. HawkAI (http://hawkai.xyz/): Analytics tool to discover CLMM alpha by simulating yield strategies to track profitability & impermanent loss.

  2. Hawksight DeFi app (https://www.hawksight.co/): Concentrated liquidity yield optimizer for active LPs on Solana, with self-custodial & automated market making strategies

Why Hawksight?

One-Stop Shop: Earn optimized yield across Solana DeFi with Hawksight's 250+ self-custodial & automated marketing making strategies from autocompounding, autorebalancing, and personalized CLMM strategies.

Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals: Deposit any amount to start earning yield. Claim rewards and withdraw your funds anytime! No minimum deposits or lockups!

Secure & Self-Custodial: Hawksight's decentralized architecture of vaults keeps depositors in full control over their funds. Hawksight is battle-tested through internal audits and multiple external audits (CertiK & Sec3).

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