What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is building Solana's Smartest DeFi Navigator. We give you the easiest way to earn yield from popular DeFi protocols on Solana with 1-click. Less time and gas fees spent to swap your USDC to a vault token or asset, and staking that token into various yield-farming strategies.

Can everyone use Hawksight?

Hawksight is open for everyone! It’s our mission to help you leverage popular DeFi protocols to generate and maximize yield from your assets

Is there a fee to use Hawksight?

We charge a Yield Performance Fee of 5% and and Withdrawal Fee of 0.1%

Is there a minimum/maximum amount to deposit/withdraw?

There are no minimum deposits or maximum withdrawals when using Hawksight as it is our mission to make Defi accessible for all!

Is there a minimum holding period for my deposits before I can withdraw it?

You can withdraw your funds from any Hawksight vault at any time! When depositing into Hawksight vaults, we automate the processes needed to execute DeFi Strategies AND keep you in control of your funds! Withdraw it at any time or amount that you please!

What happens to my money in the Hawksight Vault if the market crashes?

The value of your Hawksight Vault holdings is dependent on the prices on the market and fluctuates along with it.

What is a vault?

A vault is a smart contract built by Hawksight built for one purpose: to automate DeFi Strategies to earn you yield on your assets. DeFi natives use multiple protocols to earn yield on their assets through interest, yield farming, and price appreciation. Hawksight users can do this with their assets too all with 1-click!

Why do my vault holdings change value frequently?

The prices of the underlying tokens used in the Hawksight DeFi strategies are dependent on the market and can cause the value of your holdings to change at any given moment.