What is Hawksight?

Hawksight is building Solana's Smartest DeFi Navigator. Get the best APY yield for SOL & USDC, without swapping, staking, pairing, bridging, pooling. Simply deposit USDC and earn USDC - get alerts on best APY opportunities with our chatbot reaching 1.9M+ users.
Hawksight’s mission is to make DeFi yield accessible to Everyone — and we are tackling this mission with 3 (three) strategic launches:
  • DeFi app with 1-click automated DeFi yield strategies
  • DeFi-NFTs to “mint” first-time DeFi users
  • GameFi Degen Pool to make DeFi more accessible, engaging, and rewarding to users (especially NFT holders)
Building on the Solana ecosystem enables us to achieve the scalability, user-friendliness, speed, and security required to fulfill our mission and accelerate the mainstream adoption of DeFi. Solana will be a key entry-point, after which we will opportunistically explore expanding to other chains.
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Get the best APY from aggregated (and expanding) SOL & USDC yield strategies

Why Hawksight?

One-Stop Shop: Earn the best yield on your SOL and USDC with the largest aggregator of Solana DeFi protocols. Choose your preferred strategy from our list of strategies across 4 protocols and start earning in 1 click! No swapping, staking, pairing, bridging, or pooling needed!
Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals: Deposit any amount of SOL or USDC to start earning yield. Claim rewards and withdraw your funds anytime! No minimum deposits or lockups!
Secure & Non-Custodial: Decentralized vaults keep depositors in full control over their funds. Hawksight is battle-tested through internal audits, multiple external audits (CertiK & Sec3), and will partner with DeFi insurance protocols.
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