What is Hawksight?
Hawksight makes DeFi accessible to Everyone with 1-click Automated Investments & Yield Farming - on Solana and Terra. Our Yield-generating Indexes enable users to instantly and simultaneously invest and earn yield on both Solana and Terra. Hawksight is backed by Solana Ventures & Terraform Labs.
We are building a Solana-based protocol for decentralized, non-custodial investment management and quantitative trading. Our goal is to democratize data-driven investments, by making it easy for anybody to invest, create, or manage top-performing vaults and trading strategies in Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT and Synthetic Assets.
Building on the Solana ecosystem enables us to achieve the scalability, user-friendliness, speed, and security required to fulfill our mission and accelerate the mainstream adoption of DeFi. Solana will be a key entry-point, after which we will expand cross-chain support with an immediate focus on Terra.

Our Core Value Proposition

Hawksight has built and launched an AI engine that pushes profit-optimized trading signals to reach 503,468+ Individuals & Institutions globally (Expected: 1,000,000+ by Q4 2021), which is key to expanding the addressable market and driving mainstream adoption of DeFi – by pulling everyday Individuals & Institutions into the Solana DeFi ecosystem with actionable AI signals that can be instantly executed with a non-custodial DApp. In our roadmap, this AI engine will be progressively decentralized.
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1. Easily invest & yield farm in 1-click

Discover top performing vaults that let you instantly invest & yield farm with profit-optimized strategies - on Solana & Terra. Maximize profits from asset gains plus yield.
2. Low fees, deposit & withdraw anytime
Low fees are key to making DeFi accessible to everyone. Start with as little as $10 USDC, and join us on a mission to empower and "mint" the next 1 million first-time DeFi users.
3. Access any asset
Directly implement trading strategies to trade a wide range of Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT or Synthetic Assets, through decentralized exchanges including Serum, Raydium, and Synthetify.
4. Secure & Non-custodial
Users retain full ownership and control over their investments in their own wallets. Hawksight's DeFi app is also battle-tested through internal audits, external audits, and will dedicate an insurance fund to protect users.
5. Bridging mainstream DeFi adoption with our AI Signal Platform growth engine
Hawksight AI trading signals currently reach 503,468+ Individual & Institutional investors (Expected: 1,000,000+ by Q4-2021), and are integrated with institutions via API, including a Southeast Asian technology unicorn. Our Signal Platform is a core growth engine to have scalable impact and drive mainstream adoption of DeFi on Solana & Terra.
6. Mobile Strategy & Easy on-ramp
Mobile App and social channel-partner signal integrations to expand the addressable market for DeFi investment by becoming the gateway to DeFi through native signals and easy on-ramp.
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