Building Solana’s Smartest DeFi Navigator
Easily get the best APYs for your SOL & USDC in 1-click
  • Priority: Rapidly integrate DeFi yield strategies for Lending, Liquidity Providing, Staking & Derivatives Options protocols. Such as Solend, Francium, Port Finance, Marinade, Lido, Tulip, Socean, JSOL, Friktion, and PsyFi
  • Upgrades & feature launches:
    • NFT holder DeFi vault fee discounts
    • Hawksight AI SDK & API for developer integration
    • Hawksight chatbot upgrades & APY optimization alerts (Chatbot currently reaching 1.9million+ users, and integrated in 1.2k+ Web3 communities)
    • Upgraded dashboard for profitability & APY tracking
  • Beta-test Hawksight Degen Pool, a gamified yield aggregator rewarding NFT holders
  • $HAWK token staking and buyback from DeFi mainnet protocol fees
  • Expand Web3, NFT, and DAO partnerships for treasury yield management, product integration, and co-marketing
  • More potential considerations: Multichain expansion, new CEX listings, upgraded NFT PFP branding, Solana Mobile focus, and API integrations with other Web2 & Web3 platforms