Q3 2021 (Achieved)

  • Formed team of 12+ across Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and India
  • Secured $1M Seed funding from globally recognized VCs: Global Founders Capital, Entrepreneur First
  • Launched Hawksight's AI Engine and Signal Platform with 500,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms, spanning Individuals to Institutions in 36+ Countries, including a Southeast Asian Tech Unicorn
  • Finalized DApp Whitepaper, $HWK Tokenomics, and DApp Trade-to-Earn concept

Q4 2021

  • Won 1st-place in SCB10X Global DeFi Hackathon - in partnership with Terra & Polygon
  • Scale community of 1,000,000+ Signal Users Across Platforms
  • Complete private $HWK token round
  • DApp Platform Testing

Q1 2022

  • DApp Mainnet Launch
  • Launch IDO (Initial Dex Offering)
  • $HWK Airdrop for early adopters and users

Q2 2022

  • Progressive decentralization of AI engine and on-chain trading signals
  • Develop Mobile App
  • Integrate more Exchanges
  • Expand cross-chain support
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