Core Features & Use Cases


Users can discover vaults of different compositions and trading strategies, with transparent track records of their performance - in Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT and Synthetic Assets. Users can select the vaults based on their risk-return profiles and preferences, and instantly invest in them by connecting their wallet. Examples of vaults include but are not limited to:
  • Blue-chip index of cryptocurrency, stablecoin yield farming, DeFi, synthetic assets, and NFTs
  • Yield farming liquidity pools
  • NFT vault of full or fractional investments in NFTs
  • Macro-vault investment into commodities and forex through synthetic assets
  • Technical or On-chain trading strategies of assets
  • Leveraged long or short tokens


Creators from beginner-to-expert traders can create vaults with customized compositions or trading strategies with AI-driven profit optimization. Creators can then launch the vaults for other users to invest in, with token incentives that drive the entire ecosystem to reward top-performing vaults and users that actively invest.
Hawksight vaults are non-custodial. Each vault represents a pool of tokenized assets that is actively managed by Creators, whom can perform asset swaps via AMM pools and decentralized exchanges, create trades (open and close positions), stake/unstake tokens in protocols and accumulate yield in the portfolio or perform similar investment actions on DeFi protocols.


Earn high but stable yield through market-neutral yield farming strategies and automatic portfolio rebalancing.
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